I have FAN ART!

That's right! Lookit! I have fan art!

Fan art of Liz by Ally. Liz wears bellbottoms! By the way, Ally has a comic that she makes with Amber called MsMatchers.

Two new pic of Hal by Sunshine, creater of Pea-Tinted Glasses!

Guest art by the creator of Fantastical Bestiary It's the alien band known as the Flying Red Bells playing a song.

Guest art by the creator of Paperbug Hal and Liz discover an "uninhabited" planet.

Guest art by Ben, A.K.A. SammySpade The side of Ragmez we didn't see.

Hal is lost among a bunch of strange aliens. What has he gotten himself into?

Another piece of art form Kasey Gifford of Land Of Lost Mythology. This one is of that lovable robot, whichway.

Whoa! This fan art is better than my comic. It comes from Kasey Gifford. Go see her comic, Land Of Lost Mythology.

Look at those purty blue eyes. I got this from Sunshine who does Pea-Tinted Glasses.

If you are a fan and would like to send fan art, or if you are not a fan and would like to send non-fan art, Email it to me. I'll put it up faster than you can say popcornhickupsticks.

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