About me, Daniel Willingham... the cartoonist.

This is me. Well, sort of. It's a cartoony version of me.

Why do I need a page like this about me? Why should you care about me as a person? All you should care about is the comic. Don't think I made this page because I'm full of myself. I made it for the few people who actually want to know something about me, though I won't reviel much. If you'd like to know more, for whatever reason, you can E-mail me or post a message on my forum.

  • Name: Daniel Brown Willingham
  • Species: Human, um, yeah.
  • Age: 20 at the moment
  • Gender: Male
  • Interests: I like drawing (of course), reading, watching good movies (there's not many of them), and almost anything science-fiction.
  • Some kind of Information: Daniel Willingham was born on the planet earth (of all places) and lived most his life there. Daniel started drawing at around whatever age kids start picking up pencils and marking on stuff with them. He wasn't very good. But, through the course of his life he got somewhat better at drawing and making up stories to go with the drawings, of vice versa.

  • This is my art desk, where I draw most of Space Losers. It usually is that messy. Notice the cartoon boarder on the wall? I drew that when we moved into our new house. My drawing style has changed a bit since then. I don't draw stupid happy animals anymore.

    Questions (for the cartoonist) and Answers (from the cartoonist)

    Q. What inspired you to start this comic? And, how long does it take you from start to finish to complete one strip (of the series)?

    I just like science fiction. I had tried many comics in the past, science fiction and fantasy and other stuff, and this was one of my favorites. So I stuck with it and decided to put it on the web. I guess if I had to pick something that could have inspired my comic it would be The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Every time someone asks me how long it takes, I'm not sure how to answer. Let's see... sketching the page out takes at least 30 minutes, then inking can take me an hour or more (I'm kinda slow sometimes). I always have to spell check, so that takes a few minutes. So, in all it takes about two hours or so to finish a page. Not counting when I write the dialog in a notebook first. After all that I scan and fix it for the web site.

    Q. Outside of this comic, is there anything else you do?

    A. I doodle and sketch things all the time. I sometimes work on other comic story ideas. I have one that's a fantasy and I would like to do after Space Losers or later while I'm still doing Space Losers. I also have other little books I'm working on (but not very much). I've never had anything published, but I hope to someday. Right now I'm mostly just working on this web site, and a few other projects.

    Q. Do you believe in aliens?

    A. Not really, but I haven't decided if I think it's possible or not. It's a pretty big universe, there is a lot of space out there. If aliens do exist I hope they don't make contact in my lifetime, 'cause that would kinda take the fun out of making them up.

    Q. Why do the aliens in your comic speak english?

    A. So you can understand them. Unles you don't speak english, in which case you probably are not reading this now.

    Q. When did you first start working on Space Losers?

    A. I started the first version of Space Losers on April 9th, 1999. It was a story about two humans (Hal and Liz), their navigator droid named Whichway, and a Naked blue Croob called Mooch. In the story they get mixed up with a criminal named Vggleg and are chased by the Galaxy Patrol. Bad stuff happens to them everywhere they go and they get caught in the middle of a war. I plan on remaking the story for the new space Losers.

    Q. What inspired you?

    A. Whenever I watch a good movie or a good show (usually cartoon) it makes me want to create my own story. I like many science fiction and fantasy shows. My favorite novel series is The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. You can probably see that in my comic. Possibly my favorite sci-fi show was Farscape. There are too many shows and books I like to name, but they are probably all in some way an inspiration to me.

    Q. What were your favorite comics growing up?

    A. My favorite comic strip would probably be Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Waterson. I have all his books. I also like the Far Side by Gary Larson and FoxTrot by that other guy. Comics I read now that are in papers include Baby Blues, Zits, and whatever else there is.

    Q. What are your plans for Space Losers?

    A. Well, I can't tell you all my plans, you'll have to wait and see. But I do have much in store for our losers, this story should last a good little while :^]

    Q. Do you have any plans for other comics in the future?

    A. Sure 'nuff! I hope to have another online comic (or two) sometime. Maybe while Space Losers is still going.

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