I devided up my art gallery into different sections
  • random sketches
  • Last updated: 3/01/03
  • Colored Drawings Last updated: 3/01/03
  • Inked black and white Last updated: 3/01/03
  • Fan art by me, for others
  • Fan art by others, for me
  • Angry Art
  • I found a sketch book that I hadn't drawn anything in for several years. I quickly did a few new sketches. Then I decided to skan something old and something new to compare how much my art has changed. Here are some drawings from 1997. I was 15 at the time and liked drawing monsters. I still do, but of a different nature. These are all goofy and cartoony, not really scary at all. I had planned to use them in some stupid childrens book. I long ago threw out that idea. And here are some sketches I made in the same book, five years later. A big change since I was 15. I still draw monsters, but they are much sketchier, with more detail. I draw a lot more human things than I use to. I never drew women much either. I like to draw things in pain as well. These are just quick sketches.

    Here are some sketches of space ships and their insides I drew in July of 1999. I don't know anything about mechanics, so I just made stuff up. Enjoy!

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