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This is where I'll put extra comics and stuff I have nowhere else to put

Space Losers Halloween Here is the Space Losers gang dressed up for Halloween.

Living on other planets I'll add more to this if I can think of anything.

For your reading pleasure here are some...stupid comics. Enjoy ^_^


and dumber

Here's three things I drew for Keenvention. One of which was never put up. I'm not sure why. One I never sent in. Anyhoo, here they are. To save space I put them as links.

  • Space Losers Table
  • Space ship
  • A comic I never finished
  • Other people's characters I used in that last comic: Sporkman, Boxjam, Zoie from Zortic, and Penguin from Todd and Penguin

    What people have said about Space Losers

    I've seen some other cartoonists do this so I am too. So there.

    "Good, clean space fun for all ages! Yee!" - This person

    "Refreshingly innocent!" - Micheal Golden

    "Procrastinator KT gives your comic 3 thumbs up!"

    "I admit, it's very addictive." - wanky101

    "Yeah this be good!" - K-Dawg

    "In space (losers) no one can hear you laugh." - Matt Shadinger

    "Mine brain go explodey" - Ben

    "WOW...Spacelosers is like...really really cool..." - Kasey Gifford

    "It smells like puppies" - Nobody

    Here's some about Head Doctor Productions.

    "Daniel is developing a great dynamic style, with plenty of slapstick that never quite drowns out a contemplative spirit beneath." - "Joda" Thayer

    "Random, spastic, clever, and very funny." - This person again

    I just want to say...

    (January 17, 2002)

    This is where I'll write some stuff I just want to say. It's not a rant like some cartoonists do, just something on my mind. Please excuse any bad grammar or whatever.

    I'm worried that computers are going to take over art. Already animation is done a lot with computers. Computer animated cartoons have become quite popular.

    I like doing everything by hand, with MY hands. Using paper, pens, and pencils. As time goes on, new artist learn to do most of the work, if not all of the work, with computers. I'm afraid that all of our old-fashioned artists will be lost.

    I guess computer art is good for those who can't draw on paper, but are people who can draw on paper switching to computer? If so, why? Because it's easier? Because it's "the way things are done now?" I have used the computer to color some pictures (though poorly) that were drawn for the Internet. I used a computer to color them because it was quicker, so I could stay on schedule, and because my scanner didn't like my colored pencil coloring job. But I think it wouldn't be too hard for me to hand-color it, the way I like it, and be on time. But that's just me.

    Okay, all that said, everyone is free to do whatever they want, but my concern is that no one will be around doing it the old-fashioned way, my preferred way.

    I could also go into how I like to do everything by myself, but that is a different topic. ~Daniel W.

    Click right here to read the older "I just want to say." But whatever you do, don't click here

    And now for something completely different...

    What was that? I don't know.

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