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Last update: Saturday , January 24 , 2004

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New News

3/19/03: Since the regular schedule for update is pretty much gone, I have created a Yahoo! group for everyone to join to get e-mail notifications whenever the comic updates. So go join the mailing list!

4/13/03 Argh! What is wrong with me? I can't get back on a regular schedule! The current story is really dragging on, isn't it? I am going to art school in two and a half months. I'm not sure what will happen to this comic while I am there. I hope to still continue it. I also hope it will get a lot better. um... Would it be too much to ask for guest strips while I try to get cought up again?

4/2/03: Sorry folks, it's been rather busy lately. I'll try to have a comic update by next week. I need to change that poll but I can't think of anything.

3/20/03: Comics are running late again. I might not even have it ready for Monday. Head Doctor Productions has updated, so you're not completely comic-less. Check back here later for new Space Losers.

3/16/03: Link of the week: Poke the bunny!

3/07/03: Argh. Late comic. But It is up on Friday. I got sidetracked learning how to animate with flash and forgot that I had to finish the comic for today. I'll still try to have an update next Monday.

3/01/03: Space Losers won't update agian until next Monday, but I did update the art gallery.

2/24/03: I can tell that I haven't been working on this comic enough lately. This page is horrible. I am having a little bit of computer problems (always am, it seems) so I couldn't fix up the page much (not that I usually do). Hope you like it anyhow and are enjoying the story.

2/17/03: Hey, look at that! Another update. Nearly back on a regular schedule. I'll try to update the news section more often too. I just realized that I haven't added anything to the art gallery in a long time. I should add a bunch of stuff to it.

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